The Story Behind “30A Prime Productions”

Adam Schlosser and Family - 30A Prime ProductionsMy name is Adam Schlosser and I’m one of the founding owners of 30A Prime Productions.  In order to explain how this company originated and what it’s all about, it’s first important to share my personal story so that’s what I’ll do now…

I’m originally from a small town in southeastern Wisconsin called Oconomowoc.  It’s a great upper-midwest town ideally located between Madison to the west and Milwaukee to the east.  Oconomowoc is where I grew up, went to high school and met my wife.  Southeastern Wisconsin is a sports fans’ paradise as we have Major League Baseball, NBA Basketball, NFL Football and Major College sports all close.  I was lucky enough to attend many Milwaukee Brewers, Wisconsin Badgers and Green Bay Packers games growing up and am a diehard fan of them all still today.  However, living in Wisconsin does have one minor drawback… It’s really cold 6 months of the year!

So shortly after getting married in 2011, we decided to make a change and moved to Panama City Beach, Florida.  I moved in the spring of 2013 and began working almost immediately as a bike rental manager in Seacrest Beach.  My wife was a 1st Grade Teacher in Oconomowoc at the time so she had to stay in Wisconsin and finish the school year.  My cousin Ryan and his wife Bridgett were super gracious and allowed me to live at their home in Seacrest Beach until my wife was able to move down about 4 months later.

We lived at “The Retreat at PCB” during our first two years on the Emerald Coast.  During that time, I was in the bike rental business and my wife went from teaching in Panama City to property management in Rosemary Beach.  In July 2015, we purchased a new house in Inlet Beach and have been there since.  We absolutely love Inlet Beach and the east end of the 30A corridor.  It’s nice being able to easily access all the great things Panama City Beach, 30A, Santa Rosa Beach and Destin have to offer.  Also, we love that it’s so easy to get to Pier Park and that the airport is just 20 minutes away.  To make a long story short, we really love Inlet Beach and are blessed to have a home here but now it’s time to move the story forward…

My Professional Background

Before moving to Florida and diving head first into the bike rental business, my main line of work was in online marketing, website development, WordPress, e-Commerce, website flipping, social media and so on.  My first real job after graduating from Eckerd College in 2006 was working as an Account Manager for a custom online shopping cart platform called “BeanBasket”.  At BeanBasket, I learned all about the back-end of how e-commerce websites work.  An analogy I like to use is we were the plumbers for small to mid-size e-commerce websites and our clients were located all across the United States.

I left Beanbasket in 2010 and moved back to my hometown of Oconomowoc where I started working for a front-end web design company called “Web180”.  Located in Waukesha, WI, Web 180 taught me front-end website design skills.  In addition to website design, we provided consulting services, content development strategies, email marketing, social media management and on-site SEO.

While working at Web180 I discovered an amazing open source platform called WordPress and my life was never the same.  My nights and weekends were spent creating WordPress powered websites on high-value aged domain names.  I developed a system and got really good at pumping out nice looking, niche WordPress sites.  Soon after that, I discovered a thing called “Website Flipping”. was a revolutionary new site that has since become the main online marketplace for buying and selling websites, apps and domain names.  It took a little experimenting but I soon became really good at listing my WordPress sites on Flippa and they consistently sold.  Selling new sites on Flippa soon became a full-time job in and of itself so I left Web180, set up a home office and went to work.  I spent the next year and a half flipping sites full time and life was good.

Upload WP Accidentally Came to Be

Customer support was one of the first challenges I ran into with my website flipping biz.  It was difficult to keep up with all of the “how to changed this” questions that my clients naturally had about their new websites.  As a result, I created a website called with the idea I would simply make video tutorials of how to do website related things when common questions would come up.  So when customers had questions about their new sites, I would simply direct them to and they could watch the tutorial videos.

To my great delight, Upload WP was a huge success in terms of solving customer service and I soon realized it was good for much more than tutorials for just my clients.  The WordPress platform was exploding in popularity World Wide and it became clear to me that there was a major market for in-depth tutorials.  I also realized that there was literally no limit to the number of tutorials I create as there are thousands of themes and plugins out there so content sources were endless.  So I decided to put more effort into Upload WP and develop that while flipping sites.

Panda Changed the Game

In early 2011 Google implemented the Panda update and everything changed.  Panda was essentially a major tweak to their algorithm and how they display sites in their search engine ranking pages.  Essentially, the update had a direct negative effect on my website flipping business because it significantly reduced the value of brand new websites that did not contain all original content.  It became harder and harder to sell on Flippa because the market for new sites had significantly diminished.  So my income was greatly reduced and it came at the worst possible time because we were engaged to be married later that year.  Despite the negative effect on my financial situation, I was still optimistic because I had Upload WP and it was 100% original.

At that time, my mindset shifted from churn and burn new sites to the idea of developing a true online asset.  So I consistently created more and more high-end WordPress tutorials while working odd jobs.  For example, when we got married I worked for a roofing construction company and prayed each day I wouldn’t fall off.  The last year we spent in Wisconsin I worked the graveyard shift at a chocolate factory.  Before becoming a chocolatier, I thought roofing and concrete were difficult but that job beat them both in terms of physical exhaustion.

Back to Florida

Ok…  let’s shift this rather long story back to Florida early 2015 when I began doing side website work for local businesses mainly in the property management and Real Estate verticles.  That went really well and I was able to help improve their SEO a great deal.  About that time, I decided to sell Upload WP for a number of reasons but mainly because we just built a new house and needed cash.  So I sold the website to a guy in Sweden via Flippa and he’s pretty much destroyed the brand so please don’t judge me on its current look.  I promise it was really legit before I sold it 🙂

In 2016 I hired a full-time bike manager and was able to remove myself from the day to day operations so that I could focus solely on providing SEO, video and internet marketing services.  My first major client was a boutique property management company called 30A Escapes.  They decided to give me a shot and I’m extremely thankful for that opportunity.  Specifically, I’m thankful that they believed in me enough to allow me to shape and execute their entire online strategy.  At the time I took control of it was not a highly trafficked site and didn’t appear in the search engines much at all.  However, I had built from nothing to something of real significance so I was confident I could do the same thing for them.

On-site SEO was the first task I focused on with  In other words, I spent the first couple weeks optimizing the content on every single site page and property listing.  There’s no sense in driving traffic to a website if it’s not set up to convert so on-site SEO and optimizing listing pages to maximize conversions was step one.  Step 2 was a steady dose of Content Marketing which means feeding the site with quality, original content.  Remember when I mentioned the Google Panda algorithm update of 2011?  Well, that really did change my mindset and it taught me the value of relevant original content in relation to search engine rankings.

Content is the currency of organic search engine rankings.  The more quality, original content a site has, the better it will do organically in Google, Bing and all other search engines.  Another step in the process of making 30A Escapes a top organic “30A” web property was setting up and fully optimizing “Google My Business”.  Google My Business is a free service that has a major effect on how well your website does organically and it’s something that many businesses still don’t utilize today.

Today, 30A Escapes is organically on the first page of Google for many of the high value “30A Florida” related keywords and I’m convinced it’s mainly due to implementing those 3 core strategies… On-site SEO, Content Marketing and Googe My Business Optimization.  As a result of their SEO success, direct bookings through their website have gone way up and they are on track to become self-sufficient.  In the vacation rental management world that means not having to rely on 3rd party booking sites like VRBO and all the others which is huge.

Present Day…

I’ve decided to leverage my knowledge gained over the past 10 years and go “All In” with 30A Prime Productions.  I’m finally ready to offer my services up to Emerald Coast businesses and beyond.  30A Prime Productions is now a full-time business and my sole focus going forward.  No more roofing, concrete, chocolate or even bike rentals 🙂  My past successes and failures have given me the confidence needed to finally push all of the chips to the center of the table because I know there are more 30A Escapes out there that can be helped.

A commitment to never-ending self-education is something I believe is essential for success to happen in any profession.  However, I’ve found that to be truer than ever when it comes to internet marketing and video production because of the speed at which things change online.  Shopify put Beanbasket out of business just as WooCommerce will soon do to Shopify.  Web180 has changed their core services countless times since I worked there because the online world is constantly evolving.

Any online marketing expert that claims to know it all is not being truthful.  There is still so much I don’t know and I fully admit that fact.  My focus is on the things I can control such as work ethic, effort and continued education so that I can leverage new skills for the benefit of our clients.

Thanks for taking time to check out 30A Prime Productions and for reading this super long “About Us” page!  I look forward to hopefully meeting you and learning about your business.

Best Regards,

a.k.a. TeddyTriton on Flippa