Real Estate Photos, Custom Videos, and Aerial Content

The positive impact that high-quality aerial content has on Real-Estate and rental property listings cannot be overstated.  30A Escapes was one of the first management companies in the area to harness the power of aerial content and the return has been tremendous.  Since integrating aerial photos and videos into their property listings, website conversion rates have gone up big league.  Simply put, awesome “money shot” aerial photos and videos turn lookers into bookers.

When you think about it from the perspective of potential real-estate buyers or renters it makes sense why aerial content is so powerful.  A view from up top gives great perspective as to where properties are located in proximity to the beach, pool, golf course and all other important amenities that make them unique.  As commercially licensed remote pilots with years of experience shooting high-end properties, we’ve perfected the process of getting money shots that greatly increase conversions.

Aerial content is not just limited to real-estate, for example, it’s often fantastic for restaurants and retail stores that have unique locations worth showing off.  Aerials are also essential when it comes to capturing weddings, events and parties.  The applications for quality aerial content is truly endless.

Below are some examples of 30A Real Estate Aerial work we’ve done…

35 Blue Coast Inlet Beach, FL

Super Ultimate Beach House Aerial

Dune Allen Beach Aerial

30A Seacrest Beach

41 Seaward Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Inlet Beach, FL Aerial

You might be thinking… Why don’t we simply purchase a drone and get the aerial content ourselves?  That’s a great question and below is a list of PROs and CONS related to doing aerials in-house…


  • $1,500 one time cost to purchase reliable drone that shoots in 4K and all other accessories
  • You can use it over and over once you have it


  • You have to learn how to safely fly the drone which takes time
  • You have to register the drone with the FAA
  • You have to physically drive to every location
  • You have to learn, through much trial and error, how to capture effective aerial content
  • You have to edit the aerial content which requires time, software and skills
  • You assume all risk in flying the drone
  • You have to be Commercially Licensed to legally use aerial content on your website

That last bullet about needing to be “commercially licensed” is really important.   Passage of the FAA Part 107 test is required to gain commercial remote pilot status.  The FAA requires that businesses use commercially certified remote pilots for gathering content used on their websites.  Hiring “freelancer Joe” who has not passed the Part 107 test puts the business in jeopardy of fines.  Just about anyone is eligible to take the test and it cost $129 in Florida.  So yes… you or an employee could most definitely study hard, pass the test and take care of all aerial content in-house.

Or… you could avoid that rather large hassle and simply hire us as we are 100% commercially certified remote pilots ready to get the aerial shots you’re business so desperately needs!

Below are some examples of 30A Real Estate videos we’ve done…

Seacrest Beach Video

Inlet Beach Video

Blue Mountain Beach Video

Grayton Beach Video

Seacrest Beach Aerial Video

WaterSound Beach Aerial Video

Real Estate Photography Pricing

Our 30A Real Estate photography pricing is simple and straightforward. We realize some projects are totally unique so please Contact Us and we’ll get you a custom quote that is fair for both parties if your project doesn’t fit into our pricing below…

Real-Estate Photos
Real-Estate Ground and Aerial Photos without video
Here's what's included in this aerial package...
Up to 50 property photos
Aerial photos
Professional walkthrough video includes drone shots
Shared on 30A Prime's social media with a shout-out to your biz!
Real-Estate Photos & Video
Real-Estate Ground and Aerial Photos with video walk-through
Here's what's included in this aerial package...
Up to 50 property photos
Aerial photos
Professional walkthrough video includes drone shots
Shared on 30A Prime's social media with a shout-out to your biz!

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