Content is the Currency for Organic Search Engine Traffic

Quality content is king when it comes to profitable search engine rankings.  Consistently feeding your website with fresh, informative and entertaining content is how you get to, and stay on, page #1 of Google.  Content consists of written articles as well as original videos and it is what drives organic search traffic.

At 30A Prime Productions we specialize in creating high quality, original content that over time will result in tremendous amounts of natural (FREE) traffic via the search engines.  Content marketing is the best investment business owners can make because unlike paid advertising, it continues to provide rewards long after you stop paying… never ending in most cases.  We have a team of LOCAL copywriters that know the area and how to consistently produce relevant content that puts your website all over page #1 of the search engines.

Websites thin on content have zero chance at organic search traffic success.  Since the “2011 Google Panda Update“, original content has become the currency for natural search engine traffic.  Google, Bing, Yahoo and all other search engines will only rank websites with quality content relevant to the keywords searched by the end-users.  Therefore, the way to show up all over the first page of search engines is by loading your website with quality articles and videos week after week, month after month.

Content Marketing Begins with Keyword Research

Content Marketing always begins with detailed Keyword Research.  We start by determining which keywords are most valuable to your specific business.  Best-in-Class discovery tools and many years of experience help us to uncover the “Golden Keywords”.  We target highly searched keywords relative to your business and can determine approximately how much traffic they will bring to your website when you rank #1 for them on Google.

Knowing that information helps guide our decision making in terms of putting our Content Marketing game plan together for your business website.  After compiling our initial list of high traffic, low competition keywords, we put our team of local copywriters and video producers to work on creating content that highlights those keywords.  Over time, your website will rank on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo and all other search engines for many of the keywords we strategically targeted.

Onboarding the Original Content

The next step in the process is helping you properly put the content on your website to maximize On-Site SEO.  Believe it or not, there’s actually a right way and wrong way to put articles or videos on your site.  Improperly onboarding content can greatly reduce the positive impact that it could have otherwise had so we guide all our clients through this highly important onboarding process.

Off-Site SEO Generating Backlinks to your Original Content

Promoting your content and generating Backlinks is the final step in the content marketing process.  Backlinks are one-way links from external websites back to the content on your site.  The total number of 3rd party sites linking to your website is a huge part of how Google determines the importance of your web property.  The greater the number of backlinks your site receives from high ranking external sites, the better it will perform organically in the search engines.  Our team of SEO experts continuously work on generating quality backlinks to your website as part of our Content Marketing Service.

The kicker is that we always find a way to leverage the power of for the benefit of our clients.  We’re almost always able to at least provide a backlink via our Facebook Fan Page and often times we go further via links back from our website.  Using the power of our regional influencer status for the benefit of our clients is something that makes 30A Prime Productions truly unique.

Monitoring Progress via Google Analytics

Tracking performance is an extremely important part of the content marketing process.  We ensure that all our clients have properly setup Google Analytics so they can see their website traffic statistics.  Google Analytics is a 100% Free tool provided by Google and shows us what keywords are sending the most amount of traffic to your website.

Continue to Feed Your Site with Content Over and Over and Over Again

Simply put, the greater the volume and speed at which we feed your website with original content, the faster it will rise to page number one of the search engines for many profitable keywords.  Content marketing is highly effective but it does require patience and persistence when first starting out as it takes time for Google to realize you’re a serious player.  What that means is this…

In the early stages of content marketing, it will take Google, Bing and Yahoo longer to index new content on your website.  However, when you commit to consistently feeding your site with articles and videos, the speed at which the search engines index new content increases over-time.  So a commitment to seeing the process through at least 6 – 8 months is absolutely required in order to realize long-term success.  This method of online marketing works so well because consistent, quality content always wins in the long run.

Content Marketing Pricing

We have three main Content Marketing packages to choose from which are listed below…

3 Month Starter Plan

6 Month Intermediate Plan

1 Year Let’s Win Plan

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On-Site SEO, Off-Site SEO, Content Marketing and Google My Business optimization are all essential components of winning organically online.  Many of our clients empower us to manage all of them as a packaged deal so they can focus on growing their business.  Simply Contact Us and we’ll put together a monthly package that’s affordable and sure to put you on top of the competition.