Google My Business Optimization Services

If you do not have a “Google My Business” account setup then this is the starting point.  Allowing us to properly setup Google My Business and integrate it into your website is the number one thing I recommend you take advantage of out of all the services we offer.  The most important thing all Florida Panhandle businesses should do from an online marketing perspective is set up FREE accounts with “Google My Business“.  It’s available to of all types of businesses and is the fastest way to show up on page #1 for keywords relevant to your niche.  If you decide to do nothing else from an online marketing perspective, make sure you at least utilize the power of Google My Business.

Google My Business puts you on Page #1 for Highly Profitable Keywords

SEO Importance of Google My Business

Over the past year or so, we’ve fully come to understand the amazing impact properly optimized Google My Business accounts have on search engine rankings and organic website traffic.  However, simply creating an account is not enough if you want your business to show up number one when potential customers search “Panama City Pizza” or “30A Rentals” or “Destin Fishing Charters”.  The good news for those business owners and/or managers reading this is that many local Emerald Coast businesses are not taking advantage of this amazing tool which means we can help you go to the top fast and stay there!

Google Reviews are Mega Important in Relation to Search Engine Rankings…

Importance of Google Reviews in Relation to SEO

Google Reviews are part of Google My Business and they are extremely important.  The more positive reviews your business has, the higher it will rank in Google My Business results as well as many money keywords.  It seems like a significant portion of Google’s search algorithm includes how well your Google My Biz account is kept up as well as the number of reviews your business has received.  The 30A Prime Productions team is focused on helping your business receive as many reviews as naturally possible because we understand the positive impact they have from an SEO perspective.  We’ve developed innovative yet safe ways to greatly increase your reviews count and boost your unique business to the top of Google.

Our “Google My Business Optimization Service” is the number one thing we urge every Northwest Florida business owner to utilize.  The reason is simple, it is the fastest way to dominate your competition organically.  No other form of online marketing will bring your website free, targeted traffic quicker than a properly optimized Google My Business account.

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