Convert Your VHS Tapes to DVDs and MP4 Video

We transfer VHS to DVD to Digital right here in South Walton so that your memories are preserved forever!  If you’re like most people, you probably have boxes full of VHS and VHS-C videotapes stacked away in your closet or attic slowly deteriorating.  Digitizing your home videos allows you to store them in the “cloud” so that you can access and view them from any internet ready device such as your phone, tablet or personal computer!

People from all over the country have taken advantage of our VHS to Digital service, however, we’re located in Santa Rosa Beach so the fine folks of Florida’s Emerald Coast are who we love working with most.  The process for transferring your priceless VHS home videos to DVD and MP4 is easy as pie and our turnaround time is typically less than a week.  Digitizing your VHS tapes makes for the perfect present no matter the time of year.

“When our kids were growing up in the 1980’s and 1990’s my husband Bill literally videotaped everything.  Kids sporting events, school concerts, parties, family vacations and much more.  He was the original “Daily Vlogger” long before YouTube was invented.  Most of the closet space in our family room was filled with VHS-c tapes just rotting away.  For years I had been looking for a way to at least transfer them to DVD but I really didn’t want to drop them off at Walgreens.  Thankfully, we found 30A Prime Productions VHS to Digital transfer service and now our priceless family memories are preserved on DVD and forever in the cloud.  The entire process was so easy as we simply mailed our VHS tapes to them and a week later we had them on DVD and MP4.  They even helped us set up a free DropBox account so we now have easy access to our home videos from any type of device.  If you’re looking for the ultimate gift this is truly it!”  Mary – Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Here’s how the VHS to Digital transfer process works…

Step 1: Drop off or mail us your VHS or VHS-C tapes.

Step 2: We convert your VHS to DVD and Digital MP4 format depending on which package you choose.

Step 3: We return your original tapes along with the DVDs and MP4 digital files (on USB Flash Drive).

We offer Quantity Discount Pricing based on the number of VHS tapes we convert…

VHS or VHS-C  Quantity DVD Only DVD and MP4 Digital
One videotape $30 $30
2 – 10 tapes $14 $18 each
11 – 20 (save 8%) $13 $17 each
21 – 30 (save 15%) $12 $16 each
31 – 40 (save 22%) $11 $15 each
41 – 50 (save 28%) $10 $14 each
51 – 74 (save 36%) $9 $13 each
75 or more (save 43%) $8 $12 each

Help with Cloud Setup and Custom Movie Collage Videos

If you choose the DVD and Digital MP4 option, we’ll help you upload the MP4 video files to the cloud free of charge.  There are many options when it comes to cloud storage services so we’ll help guide you to the option that best fits your needs.  Access to your home videos from any internet ready device is truly an amazing thing!

Once your VHS tapes are digital, you can edit them and make heartstopping movies!  We’ll show you how to do this yourself, or we’ll be happy to do it for you as well.  Just think of the look on your parents face when you show them a custom collage of videos they haven’t seen in 35 years!  Now that’s an amazing gift!

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Unlike other businesses, we don’t ship your precious memories oversees and farm out the work.  We do everything in our SoWal office and our turnaround time is typically less than 7 days!