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At 30A Prime Productions we offer honest website design and consulting services for all types of businesses located on Florida’s Emerald Coast.  The process for building new websites or redesigning current ones with us is easy and straightforward.  It begins with us listening to what it is that you are actually trying to achieve online.  Businesses need to understand they must be intentional about what they want to accomplish with their websites.  We’ve found that many site owners have vague goals (if any at all) as to what they want to get from their web property.

Honestly, in many cases, businesses are simply better off creating Facebook Fan Pages and focusing all of their energy on that platform instead of spending money on a website that returns zero results.  Our focus is always on what’s best for the folks seeking our advice and not our bottom line profit.  We often advise would be clients to simply create a Facebook Page rather than spend money on a website they won’t properly use.

That’s just one of the things that make us unique in the “website design” space which rightfully gets a bad rap because of designers not being honest about what clients actually need.  It’s the same thing that all too often happens in the car mechanic trade.  Unknowing customers pay for much more than what they actually need to get their vehicles back on the road because mechanics upsell them on unnecessary things just to fatten their wallets.  Unfortunately, that also happens in the web design space all the time and it’s downright immoral.

We’re different in that we start by listening to our clients’ actual needs and wants.  Based on that feedback, we put together custom plans to accomplish their specific goals without unnecessary upsells.  Other companies build generic websites with a bunch of fancy gadgets and little or no regard for the clients’ return on investment.

We Build Result Driven Websites on the Best Platform Known to Man

WordPress is our website content management platform of choice as we believe it to be the best solution for most types of websites.  Using WordPress as the back-end engine that powers the website has many advantages some of which are…

  1. WordPress is “open source” meaning it’s FREE and constantly updated by thousands of developers around the world.
  2. There are 1000s of “plugins” which add all types of functionality to your website.
  3. WordPress sites have the ability to scale up as large a needed so when you’re business grows, your website grows with it.
  4. WordPress powered sites have the best resale value if you ever need to sell your business.
  5. Google loves WordPress as it has blogging capabilities natively built into the platform which is extremely important for Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.
  6. WordPress is extremely User-Friendly so it’s easy for our clients to manage their sites going forward.
  7. It’s easy to change the “look and feel” of your site at any time without it being a major production.
  8. Multiple users with custom permissions can be assigned as site administrators which is great for businesses with more than one employee.
  9. WordPress websites are Responsive meaning they look great on Mobile, Tablet or Desktop.
  10. It’s easy to add E-commerce functionality for those businesses wanting to sell physical and/or digital products through their websites.

We Take Care of You After the Job is Complete

We don’t leave our clients hanging after their web design project is complete.  Instead, we take time to train them one-on-one as to how their site works and how to control key aspects.  In addition, we make sure it’s properly setup from an on-site SEO perspective and offer ongoing services to help put your website all over Page #1 of Google for money keywords!

In most cases, we’re able to put the full power of the 30A Prime brand behind your new site in terms of audience exposure and backlinks.  We’ll share a link to your new website on our large Facebook and Instagram accounts which will result in a significant boost of local, highly targeted traffic to your site.  We’ve invested much time and money into building a 30A area influencer brand and we always do our best to leverage its audience for the benefit of our clients.  That is something that makes 30A Prime Productions extremely unique and unmatched in our space.

Website Design Pricing

Our website design pricing is fair and straightforward.  After our initial meeting(s) to determine a proper solution based on your needs, we put together an estimate of how much time it will take to complete the project.  Our clients are only charged for actual time spent building the website.  If the project is completed faster than anticipated the end price would actually be less than the original estimate.  On the flip side, if it runs longer then it would be slightly more but either way, we’re 100% transparent and only charge for the time we actually spend working on your project.

After the estimate is presented and accepted, we require an initial deposit.  Once the web design project is complete, the rest of the bill is due.  Unlike other companies, we do not nickel and dime clients for time spent interacting on the phone, email or meetings.  We only charge for the time we spend in front of the computer working on your project because we believe that’s the right way to do it.

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