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Jim Dixon | CEO of 30A Escapes | http://www.30aescapes.com/

Adam and his team took over our internet marketing full time in 2015.  Since that time, we’ve gone from zero to hero in terms of our SEO and Organic Search Engine Rankings!  We rank on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo for many of the top “30A” related keywords that are extremely important to our business.

Go ahead and Google anything 30A Florida and chances are good you’ll find 30aEscapes.com somewhere on the 1st page.  Our website bookings are way up since 2015 and we’ll soon break free from 3rd party vacation rental sites thanks to the explosion of organic traffic.  In addition to SEO, Adam and his team at 30A Prime Productions have produced awesome property promotional videos that have helped increase our Conversion Rate big time.

The aerial photos and videos 30A Prime Productions has done for us have resulted in much better conversion rates.  Adam and his team are extremely skilled and know how to get the money shots for Real Estate and Vacation Rental Properties. Since partnering with 30A Prime Productions our ROI has been phenomenal and I highly recommend their services to everyone on Florida’s Emerald Coast.